Lone Star Demand Response, LLC, has completed an all-hands review of our contingency procedures for delivery of first-class ERCOT DR curtailment management services for our customers and partners during periods such as the current world-wide viral issue affecting all of us.

We mandated a review of, and completed, our ERCOT Demand Response Command / Control / Communication / Data Acquisition (‘C3D’) systems contingency action plan and human – support review on Wednesday, March 11, 2019.

This important action has been completed, not as a reaction to fear and hype, but as an immediate response to insure focus on demand response curtailment preparation, and subsequent successful outcome of our service delivery at the 100% level.

We are ready to support all demand response curtailment instructions we receive from ERCOT.

Lone Star DR is dedicated to the proposition of flawless, mission-critical success guaranteed demand response curtailment service delivery, regardless of circumstances or situations.

We refuse to be defeated, nor will we accept defeat as a yardstick for measuring any failure we are forced to resolve or correct.

Our partners and customers can rest, assured, that Lone Star Demand Response, LLC, and supporting teams are ready to do our jobs with measurable and consistent accuracy, timeliness, and surgical precision, even under these critical and unfortunate but temporary conditions.

  • Hard Work.
  • No Frills.
  • Excellent Results.
  • Lone Star Integrity.
  • We Earn Your Valuable Business, Every Single Day.

About Lone Star Demand Response, LLCTM

At Lone Star DR, our sole focus is to do irrefutably good work for our Texas-based Demand Response customers.

We eliminate overpriced service frills which less-capable DR service-delivery organizations offer as camouflage for lackluster service delivery.

Thus, Lone Star DR provides consistently superior ERCOT DR service delivery results, while operating with unshakable business and personal integrity.

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