6 Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Energy Management Company

Energy production in the U.S. grew by 5.7% between 2018 and 2019, with fossils fuels accounting for 80% of the energy. If you are a business owner, understanding more about energy production and cost complications will give you leverage when choosing an energy provider. Companies are quite different, and the energy provider you select will have a significant impact on your bills, safety, and comfort of your building.

Energy providers play prominent roles. The last thing you want is hiring a contractor who will jeopardize your safety! Before settling for any energy management company, ask questions. 

You cannot afford to choose the wrong energy provider for your business. Here are some of the questions to ask an energy company. 

1. Do You Have a License?

Working with an unlicensed energy provider can be a huge mistake. A license is what differentiates a qualified and unqualified provider. When vetting your identified firms, asking about license and insurance should be a priority. 

Retail electric providers in Texas need REP Certification, which you should inquire of your energy company. You can confirm the necessary certification from the Public Utility Commission, Energy provision and management is quite complex, and working with a novice can threaten your safety.

Other than licensing, inquire about insurance. With electricity, the risks are prevalent. A company should have the right coverage to protect you from any liabilities.

2. What Are Your Range of Services?

The energy needs for your business are probably diverse. Consequently, you might have to work with multiple providers to sort all the needs. Getting energy from different companies can be quite costly. 

In your search for an energy provider, the areas of expertise should be one of the primary considerations. An energy management company that can handle multiple services is a plus. Your provider should have options that will help you improve energy efficiency in your commercial building. 

More importantly, seek to know if your provider serves residential, commercial, or industrial properties. You can gauge the experience and skills of your electricity provider based on the sector they serve. You will be confident working with a firm that will be able to handle your scaling energy needs. 

3. How Is Your Pricing Structure and Plan?

With the high volatility of the energy market, choosing an energy provider blindly can have adverse implications on your utility bills. Work with a company that has a fixed rate plan to avoid bill fluctuations. Even with the increasing demand for energy, the amount you pay every month will be stable.

Ask about charges for a kilowatt per hour. The prices will help you decide on the best plan. You can further inquire about price spikes to have a budget estimate. 

If your current energy provider has unreasonable rates, it is probably time to get an alternative supplier. A credible energy provider will not charge you for cancellation. You need to get as much information as possible to avoid surprise costs. 

4. How secure is my data? 

This is an important one! Energy monitoring platforms run on-premises software or on cloud. In both cases, you need to ensure that your data is managed securely. 

Furthermore, this is essential if you are providing energy services to others because it is not your data, it is your customer’s data.

Your provider must offer you a safe solution regarding your company’s data, one that has a robust way of working and protecting local databases. Therefore, be clear and direct. Question your provider about their data infrastructure and the way they secure it.

5. How Do You Maintain Exceptional Customer Service?

Customer service is central to any successful company. It makes all the difference in service provision. You will need to know more about the customer service to expect before signing a contract with an energy provider. 

It would be frustrating to work with a firm that does not handle your queries quickly and politely. The agents need to be friendly. The phone etiquette should be top-notch.

Before you can even ask your to-be energy provider, these questions, check their responses to queries on their social media pages. Failure to respond to their followers and automated messages that do not address the raised issues should be a red flag. Researching will allow you to filter the best companies among the hundreds of suppliers available.

6. Do You Have Any Innovations to Lower My Energy Consumption? 

The energy bill for your commercial building can be quite high. It would be best to know whether a company has any tools or innovations to cut costs. Your supplier should further guide you on ways you can reduce your energy consumption. 

When you read more about the increasing energy demands of the U.S., you’ll realize that renewable energy is at an all-time high. You might want to know whether your identified energy provider has all the solutions that promote energy efficiency. Having several options to choose from ensures that you are spoiled for choice on cost-effective sources of energy. 

Various IT technologies enable energy companies to give real-time updates to their customers. With the right technologies in place, the firms will provide efficient services while helping you to save on energy costs. Research more about companies and the technologies they use to increase the effectiveness of their services. 

Vetting Your Energy Management Company Is a Critical Step 

Your business will benefit from a reliable energy management company. While the cost is a vital consideration, it should not be the main factor to consider when choosing an energy provider. It would be best if you vetted identified companies to ensure that you get the best deal.

From confirming about licensure to inquiring more about customer service, the information you need to know is varied. Asking the right questions and having agreements written down will save you frustrations in the long run. More importantly, consider checking out some of the projects your to-be provider has worked on to be confident in their service delivery. 

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