Experience & Vision

With the Significant Leverage of:

  1. Over three decades of professional technical experience
  2. Well-understood, best practices applied sales skills
  3. Professional and practical industrial education, and
  4. Training certification, ability, and leadership
  5. Agreat depth of experience in advanced, multi-disciplinary systems and operations management for mission-critical, high risk/high reward environments

KV brings his experience in the ERCOT Demand Response business to a marketplace filled with organizations which see Demand Response participation as a mere retail transaction, no different than buying a pair of shoes.

Lone Star Demand Response, LLC, was founded on February 14, 2017 to correct the challenges of lackluster and rogue ERCOT Demand Response service delivery fostered upon Commercial and Industrial electrical end-use customers of Texas as "normal."

Lone Star DR is working with existing and past DR customers, as well as new participants, every day, to correct consistently poor service delivery by their former Demand Response administrator.

Core Lone Star Demand Response requirements for delivering flawless, mission-critical success required, to its customers:

  1. Hard Work: Keith knows he must put the time and effort into certain success goals which ensure his customers and partners are taken care of, through focused hard work, and in ways which allow them to focus on other responsibilities. No exceptions.
  2. No Frills: Keith knows his competitors sell frills (load data services, web site access, end-point hardware devices) to cover their overall business losses in ERCOT Demand Response. Competitors also inflate a customer’s electricity price to cover the DR loss in a so-called “complimentary” Demand Response revenue stream. Don’t be fooled – if you are purchasing electricity from the same sales entity pitching you on a combined electricity and DR play, your electricity price pays for your DR check. Lone Star DR gives your company the best revenue splits, completely independent of whom you purchase electricity from.
  3. Excellent Service: Lone Star Demand Response had aligned itself with the best service providers in the industry. We do not cut corners on managing your mission-critical electricity assets. Our systems are hardened to industrial-grade standards and practices which ensure absolute compliance with ERCOT Demand Response protocol requirements. We do not blame our customers and partners for mistakes made. We fix them. Permanently.
  4. Lone Star Integrity: Lone Star DR will NEVER underpay customer revenues, practice poor revenue accounting, offer questionable monthly reporting to customers and partners, and perform with a general or specific lack of attention to detail. We ensure your mission-critical DR service is top-notch. If you can’t believe your DR service provider’s good word, what is the point of doing business with them? The day a live curtailment or test event is called, do you prefer your company to be in business with a company which provides sloppy attention to detail and indifferent quality, or with a DR provider which Demands a customer service Response of 100% superior service delivery? Can you afford to choose quantity over quality?

KV applies his professional skills and abilities to ensure successful DR compliance while minimizing participant risk, thereby maximizing successful DR participation for his valued customers. He is very comfortable working directly in sophisticated C & I environments requiring significant technical and analytical skills.

The deserts of the Permian Basin, the skyscrapers of Dallas and Houston, the wetlands of the Texas Gulf Coast, the plains of the Rio Grande Valley, or the awesome Hill Country of the Lone Star State are all very familiar industrial, commercial, and rural environments to Keith Vauquelin. His lifetime experience employed in high risk/high reward, adversarial, technically sophisticated, and complex multi-discipline environments enhances Lone Star DR’s ability to provide its customers and partners with simple, effective, and continuously reliable mission-critical success while participating in ERCOT Demand Response programs.